How Virtual Events Are Taking Over In-Person Events

jennifer lee
3 min readApr 23, 2021

Let’s face it, the world is inclining towards virtual events more than in-person events today. After the mass cancellation of events, later did organisations realized that there must be a way to survive in the global pandemic crisis. Here, virtual events saved their lives by offering businesses endless advantages. Let’s find out the advantages and facts that significantly showcase that virtual events are the future of event industry and are here to stay!

Advantages of Virtual Events

#1 Virtual Events allows a greater reach- When in-person were popular, finding the right space, date, and location required a lot of time and energy. We also had to keep our venue location somewhere near to the target audiences which was of course difficult to choose. This did not helped organizer reach more audience but after corona virus hit our lives and virtual events became the talk of the town, businesses started taking their business to a global platform. This also enabled them to reach out to global attendees, build powerful connections and networking seamlessly in one frame.

#2 Virtual events have less cost compared to physical ones- Virtual events have become a great resource for organizations today and why not? It is really cheap compared to physical events as you only require an experienced platform who can customize your event according your requirements, a viable internet connection, a laptop or a mobile device and that is it! Now can interact and connect with people you like from the comfort of your own space seamlessly! No more traveling, hotel stay, food & drinks expenses and hence virtual events are useful and effective.

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#3 Very easy to manage- Virtual events provides you greater impact over the day of the event. There will be no burden associated with logistics, supplies, on-the-ground personnel preparation, or needing to physically be in several locations at once to meet investors and media visitors in person.

The free custom configurations with platforms such as Dreamcast, Vimeo, Livestream, BlueJeans, and others will lay the groundwork for your event to generate high levels of interaction from your viewer.

#4 Virtual events can allow you to choose from a larger range of speakers and hosts

Like attendees, speakers are limited in how much they can travel and how many events they can cram into a set period of time. During virtual events, however, speakers don’t have to be present in person. Instead, they can record their content from wherever they are. Often, this can give you a wider range of speakers to choose from when you plan your event. Equally as important, it can cut down on the cost of a speaker who would have had to travel a long distance to attend your event.

#5 Virtual events can last longer

While physical events usually only last for a few days, virtual events can stay live indefinitely. That allows you to host more sessions, deliver more content, and encourage more people to attend. Not only that, but it can also help raise the excitement surrounding your brand.

Hosting virtual events can help bridge the gap while physical events are an impossibility. They can also offer numerous advantages for event planners looking to attract additional attendees or host a more cost-effective event. When thinking about hosting a virtual event, however, it’s important to carefully consider both the pros and cons of that event style. If you aren’t entirely sold on the virtual event concept, then as the world starts opening up, you could consider holding hybrid events instead, which will allow you to capitalize on the benefits of both event types.

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